About US

We are Pandora boutique outlet, mainly sell high quality brand bags copies, using actual photos, so what you see is what you will received, the bag used same leather and hardware with original bag, 99% similar to original bag, if you have enough money, strong recommend buy authentic from official store.

You can find all popular & classic & newly published designer stuff from here, but we only list a few items here, if can't find your favorite stuff at our store, suggest sending us any photos, we will find it for you. Someone resell it as authentic stuff on Ebay/Amazon, we don't suggest doing that.


There are three quality grades of these bags : 1) original, 2) top quality, 3) good quality (difference between quality grade is in details, low quality & cheap bags didn't list at here).

Question : Why did I receive a bad quality bag from another supplier? and it isn't the same with their photos ?
Some suppliers show your original quality bags photos, but send the worst quality bags to you.
Question : What's your guarantee to make sure what I received is absolutely the same with your images?
We can take quality control photos before shipping, but you need to tell us before shipping.
Paid customers : could request us take actual photos of your item with note writing your name. For example
Unpaid customers : could request us take an actual photo of the item we have with note write your name. For example
Why are there quality grades ?
Isn't everyone can afford an authentic bag, and someone can't even afford top quality replica stuff, so we have to make several grades. Our stuffs will keep the same authenticity, but not your imagination.

We publish many repeat bag from different craftsman, so it's in different price, maybe there are tiny difference in details, what important is make sure the stuffs you received keep same with our photos.

We publish many repeat bag from different craftsman, so it's in different price, maybe there are tiny difference in details, what important is make sure the stuffs you received keep same with our photos,


  1. Bank Transfer. we have bank accounts in the United States (USD / Belgium (EURO, HUF) / United Kingdom (GBP, NZD) / Canada / Australia / Singapore / China.
  2. Taobao Agent. They accept PayPal, International Credit Cards (VISA, Master, American Express and JCB Card). Suggest these Taobao agents. Suggest : Superbuy, Cssbuy, Basetao, Ytaopal.
  3. Pay at our AliExpress store. Pay on our AliExpress store, they support PayPal, International Credit Cards (VISA, Master, American Express and JCB Card) and Google Pay.
  4. Another way you can send money to China. Tell us your favorite payment, we will consider it.
  5. No Paypal, no pay on delivery, don't ask us again.

(If you want to buy these replica stuff, what you should do first is trust us.)

Shipping & Return

After you make the payment we will prepare the items in 1-3 working days. Some hot sale high quality stuff needs to wait more days. Top quality Hermes custom made tiem 10 - 60 days. special size shoes custom made 3-7 days. preparing clothes may delay an extra 1-4 days.

Will give you a tracking number after sending out your parcels. The tracking website is: http://www.17track.net/en/

ETK, e-packet / e-Courier / e-Parcel (Free) or EMS (need extra freight)
We charge basic shipping fee only, will pay extra shipping fee for add-on weight.  Normally it will take 7-14 working days for arrival (maybe delay), sometimes maybe delay, come with tracking number. 
DHL / UPS / Fedex / Aramex
It's charged by the size of parcels, contact us to estimate shipping fee after place order. Normally it will take 3-7 working days to arrive (maybe delay), usually won't delay, and come with a tracking number. 

Exchange Policy

If you are not satisfied with the item you received, you can get an exchange if the following situation happens: (Shoes, clothes, scarf don't support return and exchange, you should know it before shopping,)

Attention: Please provide an actual picture of damaged goods, we will not accept the returned case without proof.

Attention: Return must be shipped by express (EMS, USPS, DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx) and provide a tracking number, it must be door to door delivery, otherwise we can't receive it. It's important make sure we can receive the return parcels

Attention: Don't remove plastic on handle or chain of bags, it means used once removed, only repair, no return & exchange.

A. The product you received is not the same as the picture, or there is some defect or broken part on the goods, we can provide an exchange (return request must be no later than 3 days from the day you signed it, because we cannot identify if the damage was made by customs or yourself).

B. If the quality is not the problem, you would like to cancel the order due to you changing your mind, we can accept exchange. But the products need to be packaged intact and unused. The return shipping fee should be in your account. Moreover, you need to pay the restocking fee per item. (30%-45% of order total).

C. If you provide the wrong shipping address or not at your shipping address leading to it not delivering successfully, we need to reship the items, we will charge the reship fee. And if you would like to cancel the order, you also need to pay the restocking fee. attention : DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, Netherland EMS can't return parcels, they will destroy it if unable to deliver it.

D. If you are not interested in that item any more without any reason, and you want to make an exchange. It is also feasible in that case. But you need to pay the restore fee (30%-45% of order total).

We are not responsible for the compensation and the resend fee when you ship back the package to us. When you send it back please make sure the products are well enough and without damage. After you send it back please remember to email us the tracking number. We do not assume items damaged during transport.

Any further details, please feel free to contact us.


If you find you have not been interested in certain items, we allow a return process within 3 days after signing the parcel and you pay return shipping fee. Return must be no later than 7 days from the day you received it. More than 7 days will not be refunded.

After you return the item please send us the tracking number, otherwise we cannot receive it.

Shoes & clothes & Scarf don't accept return and exchange if we send in the right item. and can't exchange size.

Tax & Seized : Every country has customs risk, we will do our best to avoid problems on customs, but can't promise it 100% won't happen, you should know this before buying from us.

  • Seized in China customs, we will resend for free.
  • Seized in your country's customs, you have a chance to buy the same stuff at a big discount or partly refund.
  • We are not responsible for any import tax charged on your package


All bags with serial number, it's easy to copy the code, you can contact us to show some samples, can provide : shopping paper bag, brand box, store receipt (write your name, date, total, product name), ribbon, these accessories are free, but we need to charge extra shipping fee, tell us if need it. Tell us if you want gift parcels before sending out, it's free but needs extra freight for the box.

Shoes : we don't provide brand boxes. It's too large and heavy.

Clothes : not brand box or shopping paper bag, mabbe hasn't brand label or tag.

Jewelry : with normal quality brand box, original brand box need extra fees.

Sunglasses : with brand box.

Belt : with brand box.

Other stuffs usually no brand box.


  1. High quality: All our products are made of good quality raw material. All our products must be inspected again by our QC team before they are sent out.
  2. Safety: If the parcel loses, we will compensate all your loss in your future orders.
  3. Fast shipment: Your parcels will be delivered within 1-2 hours after we receive your payment in normal. And the parcel will reach your side in 3-14 business days.
  4. Customer support: Our top priority is making sure our customers are satisfied! Feel free to send your inquiries with email and we will reply in less than 48 hours including weekends.

If you have any comment and advice, don't hesitate to contact us or email.

Welcome to Pandora boutique outlet. Enjoy your shopping now!